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  • RSI EZ Cubicle Typical WorkStation Plus B

RSI EZ Cubicle Typical WorkStation Plus B

EZcube Plus is a full 3" panel system.

It is available in two different height options. 

The color combination is customizable to match your office interior.

These cubicles are designed with various fabric types comprising three core fabric options along with 18 different upgrade fabric options making it more versatile and accommodating for various workplace aesthetics. 

The spacious upper and lower storages enhance storage capacity.

Combine with subtle color chairs to make it look elegant, stylish and modern.

Creative storage space is going popular with less space offices.

Turn your wall into lovely stacked storages. This model has vertical storage boxes and shelves designed to suit any storage needs.

Storages can be customized for colors, design or additional components like lock systems.

Moreover, cabinets and drawers are also configured with the desk to keep files, things or documents neat and separate.

Wooden surfaces are of several finishing and color options.

The products are high quality and tested for long term use.

Simple square legs withstand high weight and provide good support.

We have a wide range of products and services which you can see in our catalogue or better to visit the showroom and see them live. 

Our experts will guide you in planning, design and arrangements of final products after assembly.

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