• Laminate Desk Workstation Style A

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Laminate Desk Workstation Style A

This premium workstation is affordable and multipurpose.

With various color options, laminate tops can be created with sleek smooth design.

Metal, steel, or chrome plated hinges.

Different gromet options as per conveniency.

As it will hide wiring mesh and cable points, workspace will look neat and clean.

Doors are of high quality and self-closing.

These hutch doors can be customized for even levelling.

Wood is scratch and stain resistant.

Long lasting durability and metal fastening system.

Fully extended lower panels for privacy and leg comfort.

Overall, this workspace is visually appealing and looks rich and professional.

Box drawers serve ease and plenty of space.

Open boxes can be closed or configured into drawers.

File drawers, cabinets, front hutch, shelves combinedly provide high storage capacity.

File cabinets can be moved around or fixed as per built configuration.

Handles are steel or metal and of extreme good quality.

Top panel can be of glass if required with silver kickplate.

Usual lock system with different options can be added.

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