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  • RSI EZ Cubicle Typical Workstation Plus A

RSI EZ Cubicle Typical Workstation Plus A

Modern touch with contemporary design, EZcube Plus is a full 3" panel system. 

It is available in two height variants.

The color combination is customizable to match your interior theme.

These cubicles can be designed with various fabric types comprising three core fabric options along with 18 different upgrade fabric options making it more versatile and accommodating for various workplace aesthetics.

The spacious upper and lower storages to enhance storage capacity.

Glass add-on options to enrich the stylish look.

Combine with vibrant color chairs to make it look super stylish and ultra modern.

Durable laminates to resist stains and scratches.

Secure component fitting for longer life span.

Powder coat finish can be also added with steel parts. 

Rounded or smooth surfaces to protect arms, clothes etc.

Grommet holes can be configured as needed.

Drawers are fully extendable and can be configured with a lock system.

Good storage space with separate file laterals to keep things more organized.

Employees don't have to move around to find particular files or important stuff for daily needs as there is plenty of room for storage.

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