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Ethospace Tiles Cubicle Workstation

Want to customize your office space with replenishing designs and colors? Ethospace Cubicles are the perfect fit for you then.

This type of cubicle provides several options to choose from and hence allowing the best of the selected design as per needs.

The system offers tile and frame options which enhances unlimited design options.

It is easy to install and assemble.

Our specialists can guide and assist you in customizing by collecting your design ideas and business needs to form a unique cubicle for your office.

Fabric color choice; rails, storage, metal tile options; glass selection like clear, tinted or frosted; and trimming variant from wood or metal can be availed with this type of cubicle to adapt your interior and theme environment in the office.

This will surely increase structural integrity and durability.

Simple, affordable with cohesive design is the strong attribute for this model.

It is easy to rearrange and move increasing the speed of its development.

Wide desk, open space provides complete freedom for movement and keeping things organized.

Moreover, side storage cabinets and drawers add value to the overall product.

Fully extended drawers or cupboard for arranging file, documents professionally.

Tall upholstery panels exhibit complete privacy.

There are tons of features to count for.

Visit today or contact our representatives to configure your very own personal design.