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  • RSI EZ Cubicle Typical Workstation B

RSI EZ Cubicle Typical Workstation B

A typical workstation with flavour of ultra modern design, subtle contemporary look and stylish finishing.

These workstations serve best as huge personal work space. 

It suits most of the spaces and interior themes. Employees require privacy for certain roles and there comes the role of such cubicles.

Four cubicles can be combined to form a beautiful spacious workstation.

Various panels, components or storages can be configured as per requirements.

You can reach out to us for any specific business needs.

Square shaped metal legs for extra support and durability.

It is easy to move around and light weight.

Wooden desk is available in different colors and finishing options.

Top most panels can be of acrylic or glass as addons.

It is flexible and the entire unit is easy to decouple or assemble and hence it saves time and cost.

Storage cabinets on one side are usually with file lateral and two drawers. Fully extended drawers provide more space and easy access.

File lateral to store files and other important documents.

Locks can be added for safety.

Additional shelf on the one side of the desk is attached to keep things organized.

Daily required things or papers can be placed there. 

High quality material and stain free laminates are used to give the product extra life span and sleek look.

Cleaning is very easy with such types of surfaces and workstations.