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  • Echo Cubicle Typical C

Echo Cubicle Typical C

Experience pleasing surrounding with serene design and colors of this perfectly crafted workstation.

Balanced design, subtle colors, broader functionality enhances the productivity.

The secure, safe workspace for two persons with greater storage capacity is real time saving product for any office.

Echo series cubicle are of four different types, A, B, C and D.

Various color options for the materials like grey, white, dark grey and so on.

Panel options vary from glass, fabric, transparent, hard surface and so on.

Modesty panel at the bottom is fully extended for complete privacy.

High quality and durable cubicles withstand longer use.

The laminated surfaces come in several color and finishing options.

For the cohesive look of the entire cubicle, storage compartments are matched with the panels design and colors.

The desk is highly spacious.

Apart from computer system, more of personal things like utensils, stationary, plants, decorative items, clothes, or such daily required stuff can be placed there.

Our workstations and cubicles are designed well with all the standards.

We are specialized in creating best designs as per your business needs.

Discuss with our experts for more specific requirements.