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Office Liquidation Services


Office Liquidation Solution

We offer 3 services to help you liquidate your furniture inventory, depending on your financial requirements and project timeline.

Product Acquisition

With Product Acquisition, we purchase your inventory and immediately take the title and delivery of the goods at an agreed upon price, minus the cost of dismantling, packing and shipping. This service uses a more traditional approach to bulk liquidation. We help you avoid operational downtime, lease lapse and/or loss of company focus.

Disposition Management

With Disposition Management we manage the complete end-to-end disposition process across our network of online and offline marketplaces on a revenue-sharing basis. OC Office Furniture will offer your office furniture to our clients at prices above traditional bulk liquidation valuations, without you having to incur costly fulfillment and resource obligations. For online dispositions, we perform various functions including bulk product breakdown, image capture, product description summary, auction and store postings, payment reconciliation, fulfillment services, and first-level customer service. For offline dispositions, we utilize our extensive internal database comprised of thousands of qualified and segmented buyers. This entire process of liquidating your office furniture is handled by our experienced staff. This service typically takes longer to complete, but our clients often realize higher value for their excess inventory.

Workstation Valuation Credit

We have recently developed a trade-in system for clients who already have used furniture but desire to change their current model, color, height or age of furniture without incurring the high cost of disposing of their existing product and purchasing new. OC Office Furniture can take possession of your existing workstations, cubicles, desks and other office furniture, and based on its age and condition, give you a credit per station that you can utilize to purchase new products, and products from our existing inventory or to be used as credit for when new inventory becomes available.

Depending on which service best suits your individual needs, we can purchase your inventory outright as part of the Product Acquisition Service; assign a broker's commission per station and commence the Disposition Service; or have a project manager assess your current furniture to formulate an Asset Trade-In Value. If you have a special situation or needs that are not covered here, please contact us below to discuss your specific requirements. We can design a specialized office furniture liquidation program to help you reach your goal.

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