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Herman Miller Ethospace Typical C

The Ethospace cubicles are of usually five types.

The type C is shaped with C corner.

Ideal for one or two persons.

Colors enhance creativity and this series comeswith several vibrant theme and dark or bright color options.

Feel the style and elegance together with our unique workspace design.

OCFC experts are experienced in crafting your ideas efficiently into real attractive designs of your choice.

Look at our catalogue or visit the showroom to get more products detail.

Fibre, acrylic or glass panels do wonders in keeping the aesthetic feel of the piece.

Increases privacy as it is closed type cubicle.

Two separate storage cabinets to enhance storage and organization.

Grommets can be configured based on requirements.

Matching components in the entire design enrich the look and integrity.

Fully extended drawers for more accessibility.

File lateral and drawers for keeping things neat.

Plenty of desk space avail flexibility in movement accommodating not just computer accessories but utensils, stationary, plants or other necessary things.

The laminate surfaces withstand longer durability and all the materials used are of standard quality.

Easy to maintain and clean.

Our specialists will assist in planning, designing, delivering, and arranging the workspace.