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Friant Verity Workstation Benching

Coordinated workspace look with verity workstation is one of its impressive features.

Weather you want to expand existing workspace or build new one, this model is the easy and quick solution for your business needs.

Sometimes simplicity makes it the best fit and this is what the verity model embodies.

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Materials used here are fabric screens, glass or wood for panels and storage cabinets.

It can be any of your choice to match color theme and interior in the office.

Vast space around the desk and at the bottom allow free movement for the employee.

When we need to work continuously with other co-workers, the workstation should be enough flexible, open and that’s the design benefit of this model making coordination and relocation easier without hassle.

It is undemanding in cleaning and maintenance.

File lateral and drawers for organizing documents neatly.

Fully extended drawers for more accessibility.

In a nutshell, simple easy solution for open work area.