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Friant Novo Cubicle Workstation

With increased attention to storage needs, Novo series brings impressive color schemes and aesthetic feel.

This completely new workspace is flexible and perfect fit for your all day work need.

This cubicle makes working together easier and harmony is important part of productivity.

With extensive storage capacity this model has easy installation feature. 

Fabric color choice; rails, storage, metal tile options; glass selection like clear, tinted or frosted; and trimming variant from wood or metal can be availed with this type of cubicle to adapt your interior and theme environment in the office.

This will surely increase structural integrity and durability.

Consistent and clean design makes it match any workspace.

Flexible panels with several color and finishing options.

Removable wooden panel.

Easy assembly and multiple height panels.

Our products are of top quality and built by experienced experts.

Any personalisation is welcomed, just get in touch with our specialists to discuss about your specific requirement.