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Laminate Lateral File Cabinet

Ideal for every type of workspace, specially for limited space area.

It is affordable, durable product for your office addition.

Easy to handle, worry free maintenance make it most preferable choice among the storage furniture.

This durable wood is constructed with thermally fused laminate finish.

It is usually featured by two drawers with lock system if required.

It gives good impact when files or papers are organized properly, and this lateral file cabinet will help you in that.

Effective storage, durable long lasting quality, several colors and finishing options to fulfil all your furniture needs.

This will give a flawless smooth look and feel with any interior.

Its complete closed format ensures strong quality and resist against tampering.

Clean, stylish, and sophisticated design will surely compliment any desk lines in the office.

Stable metallic lock system, protected from rusting, provides secure storage.

The mechanism of the cabinet allows smooth, noise free operation of the drawers.

This product really stands out in offices, information recording areas, private corners of the rooms and anywhere where security storage is required.

Light or dark wood colors appeal visually if designed properly with specific care.

You can directly contact us and discuss your requirements and we will make sure you will not regret later.

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