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Pre Owned Steelcase Think Chair V1 B

Cool and comfortable basic chair in the market.

Breathable back mesh provides proper air circulation and great comfort.

Steelcase with movable arms.

Easy open style built chair which is simple and square framed.Height adjustable arms, height adjustable arms. Memory foam seat can be added if required.

Tilt control with lock of chair is smooth and easy.

Assembly is simpler.

This is particularly of great value when office space is limited.

Widened seat for better comfort.

Little curve at the back mesh for lower back support.

Durable material and metals used that goes long lasting for years.

Complete easy mobility.

Fabric used in the break is high standard quality and this serves best for small meetings in the offices.

Steam cleaning is possible.

Also, we can provide good deals for cleaning services.

Three year warranty on the product.

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